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  Air chute is a kind of equipment widely used for conveying powdery materials, mainly used for conveying cement and raw material.  Air chutes are divided into closed chutes (abbreviated as chutes) and open aeration chutes (abbreviated as aeration chutes).  The chute is formed by connecting a plurality of trough bodies made of thin steel plates and is arranged at a certain inclination along the conveying direction thereof.  The tank body consists of an upper tank body, a lower tank body and an air permeable layer sandwiched between the upper tank body and the lower tank body.  The conveyed materials are fed into the upper tank body from the high end, and air is blown into the lower tank body by the blower and distributed among the object particles through the air permeable layer to form a flowing state (i.e. fluidization) and slide down along the slope to reach the conveying purpose.  Inflatable tank is a tank body composed of an air permeable layer and a lower tank body, which is generally used for homogenization or discharging in a warehouse.

    The air chute produced by our company integrates the latest technologies of domestic and foreign products and has the advantages of reasonable parameters, novel structure, beautiful appearance, economy and practicality.

Delivery capacity: 7 ~ 1200 t/h (calculated according to cement bulk density)

Width of chute: 120mm ~ 1000mm

Applicable materials: cement,GGBS, fly ash and other powdery materials