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Material Solution

We are committed to providing industry-specific solutions and services to help businesses and organizations around the world achieve business objectives, improve competitiveness, and better serve customers.

Cement 、GGBS、Fly ash

ATXL screw ship unloaders are special screw ship unloaders for powdery materials developed by our company according to the characteristics of cement-related industries at home and abroad. They are also the earliest products developed by our company\'s screw ship unloaders family. Suitable for continuous unloading of cement, GGBS, fly ash and similar materials

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The newly designed fully enclosed intelligent environment-friendly screw coal unloader of AOTUO has a maximum capacity of more than 1500 tons / hour ( nearly half a ton per second ). Different from traditional grab cranes and bucket wheel hoists and other competing ship unloaders, this new coal unloading method can achieve minimum dust and loss ( grab cranes will lose up to 2% of coal during unloading )

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Cement Clinker

Cement clinker is a semi-finished product obtained by taking limestone, clay and iron raw materials as main raw materials, preparing raw materials according to an appropriate proportion, burning to partially or completely melt, and cooling. In the cement industry, the most commonly used portland cement clinker mainly consists of calcium oxide, silica and a small amount of alumina and iron oxide.

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In recent years, the growth of grain import and export and the continuous expansion of shipping scale have led customers to put forward high requirements for relevant dry bulk cargo unloading and transportation systems, and at the same time, the global demand for environmental protection has become higher and higher. Therefore, AOTUO grain unloader came into being as the times require, which can bring customers a more environmentally friendly and efficient unloading experience and greatly reduce the time for cargo ships to stay in docks.

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