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Material Transfer Solutions for Grain BACK
AOTUO is in the leading position in grain processing

In recent years, the growth of grain import and export and the continuous expansion of shipping scale have led customers to put forward high requirements for relevant dry bulk cargo unloading and transportation systems, and at the same time, the global demand for environmental protection has become higher and higher. Therefore, AOTUO grain unloader came into being as the times require, which can bring customers a more environmentally friendly and efficient unloading experience and greatly reduce the time for cargo ships to stay in docks.

AOTUO totally enclosed screw-type grain unloader can unload grain with a rated capacity of up to 1000t/h and other agricultural granular products, with a totally enclosed structure and a special dedusting function. For a long time, the unloading of grain involves another thorny problem: the breakage of goods during transportation. A successful grain material processing system must provide a lower loss rate and crushing rate to minimize the generation of crushed grains. Fine grains make grains difficult to ventilate and increase the rate of spoilage and dust production. High concentrations of fine particles can lead to dust and increase the risk of fire and explosion.

Although unloading capability is an important performance index, it is our market-leading flexibility that really distinguishes us from rival systems such as grab cranes, pneumatic unloaders and bucket chain unloaders. Excellent ship adaptability and lower cleaning requirements ensure rapid turnover and minimize the time spent by grain ships in docks.