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Service Center

Service Center

AOTUO Service

AOTUO's service concept: Respect customer needs, Realize customer value, Leverage AOTUO energy, and Create “4S” star service in engineering field.

One-Stop Service

The project provides one-stop considerate and efficient service from the whole process of scheme consultation, scheme design, scheme implementation and after-sales service, so that you can trust to hand over the project to AOTUO

24/7 Service

Provide 24/7 technical services, the national free service hotline: 400-826-9568, 24 hours a day to serve you.

Full Service

Comprehensive engineering design, process, machinery, electrical, structural, production, quality inspection six professional areas to ensure project quality.

Full Network Service

Create a sound national sales and service network with the regional marketing center as the core.

Personalized Service

We will perfect what we are familiar with, combine our specialties with the needs of our customers, initiate customization based on standardization, and provide the best solutions for all kinds of customers.

Honest Service

For all kinds of service requirements, ensure a positive response within 8 hours, within 24 hours depending on actual needs to send relevant personnel to the scene to provide quality services.

Specialized Service

We have established a sound technical and after-sales service management system and complete after-sales service procedures, and have set up a special after-sales service department. Senior professional engineers provide professional services such as scheme interpretation, technical disclosure, technical training, technical guidance, etc.

Value-added Services

Providing value-added service consultation; Establish regular and irregular inspection, patrol inspection and early warning mechanisms; Set up customer return visit and satisfaction survey mechanism; Ensure the long-term and timely supply of spare parts.