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Service Center

Complaint Suggestion

Thank you for your concern and support for the growth of AOTUO.

In order to respond to customers' needs in real time and create a good communication atmosphere, AOTUO have set up a complaint suggestion column to receive reports, complaints and suggestions on various issues such as marketing, engineering services, material procurement, information security and employee behavior, adhering to the company culture of customer orientation, simplicity, impartiality, cooperative innovation and continuous improvement. If you pay attention to or get clues or information about marketing and engineering services, please contact us in time. You can choose to fill in, send e-mail to or call 0571 - 88308146.

This complaint suggestion column is managed by the professional department of AOTUO and the complaint information is kept strictly confidential. For the favorable information and clues provided by you, AOTUO will give certain material rewards according to the nature, impact and cooperation of the incident, and will always strictly abide by the obligation of confidentiality.

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