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AOTUO-XM environment-friendly screw coal unloader was independently developed, manufactured and successfully applied to the coal conveying system of a power plant in China . It is also the first set of coal unloaders in China.  Depending on the two-way horizontal rotation of the rotary tower, the tilting amplitude of the horizontal beam on the tower and the back-and-forth swing of the vertical arm, the feeder can realize three-dimensional movement to track the position of the material to take it, and then the material is lifted to the horizontal screw by the vertical screw machine, and then the material in the ship cabin is automatically unloaded to the shore by the discharging device.The advantages of this model are as follows:

 1. Environmental protection: no dust escapes during the whole process of coal unloading;  High efficiency-high yield, 400 ~ 1500 t/h;

 2. Long service life: high wear-resistant materials are used for the feeder and spiral blade of the coal unloader and the conveying pipe.

 3. Wide adaptability: it can be applied to 800~50000 DWT bulk coal carriers to unload lump coal with water content of 20% and particle size of 200mm;

 4. Low energy consumption: the energy consumption per ton is about 1 degree, which has obvious advantages of energy saving and environmental protection compared with grab coal unloader.

   This product is developed by AOTUO in response to the current mandatory requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection for coal unloading in ports. It is a special equipment for coal unloading with good development prospects.

Capacity: 400 ~ 1500t/h (calculated according to cement bulk density)

Applicable ship type: 800~50000 DWT            

Horizontal swivel angle of horizontal arm: ±135°

Pitch angle of horizontal arm: 30° for lifting up and 30° for probing down

Swing angle of vertical arm: 30° for inner swing and 40° for outer swing

Energy consumption: ≤1kwh/t

Noise: ≤ 80dB

Dust emission concentration: ≤ 10 mg/m³