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   Dust collecting hoods are arranged at each dust emitting place, dust-containing gas is conveyed to the dust removing device through a pipeline gas path, dust is collected in the dust removing device after gas-solid separation is carried out, and clean gas is introduced into a main pipe or a complete set of equipment directly discharged into the atmosphere, namely a dust removing system, and the dust remover is an important component of the system.  From the perspective of ventilation and dust removal, dust is all small solid particles that can float in the air for a long time. It is a dispersion system called aerosol, in which air is the dispersion medium and solid particles are the dispersed phase.  Dust collectors are devices that separate such small solid particles from aerosols.

    Equipment that separates dust from flue gas is collectively referred to as dust remover or dedusting equipment.  The performance of the dust collector is expressed in terms of the amount of gas that can be treated, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust collector, and the dust removal efficiency.  Our company mainly produces bag-type dust collectors, which are divided into two types according to the characteristics of pulse back-blowing dust removal: pulse single-machine bag-type dust collectors (on-line back-blowing) and box-type bag-type dust collectors (chamber back-blowing).

Treatment air volume: 700 ~ 314000 m³/h

Filter area: 9.8~1868

Inlet concentration: ≤200g/

Outlet concentration: ≤10mg/N

Gas consumption: 0.08 ~ 6/min