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Material Transfer Solutions for Coal Back
AOTUO latest generation of coal unloaders meets the current demand of users for environmental protection and large production capacity.

The newly designed fully-enclosed intelligent environmental-friendly screw coal unloader by AOTUO has a maximum capacity of more than 1500 tons per hour ( nearly half a ton per second ). Unlike the traditional grab crane and bucket wheel elevator, this new coal unloading method can achieve the minimum dust and loss ( grab crane will lose up to 2 % of coal in the unloading process ).

Coal, as a challenging bulk material, has different consistency and moisture, and contains clay and other materials. These materials will cause blocking and bonding when they have high moisture content, which is difficult to deal with. Secondly, it also has corrosive and high hardness materials, which can easily lead to corrosion and serious wear of steel, so the selection of materials and processing technology are also the difficulties in equipment design.

Coal for electric power and steel industry

Most large-scale coal use is related to steel manufacturing and power generation. We have developed the ship unloader with excess capacity to ensure our long-term market position, and we also foresee the growing demand in these two areas. If demand arises, we already have the ability to provide more high-yield equipment and whole-line solutions.

In recent years, the state and large state-owned enterprises have continuously raised their environmental protection requirements and gradually started to support the localization of high-end equipment. The first screw coal unloader developed and produced by our company was also born under this opportunity and successfully passed the factory test, with the maximum production capacity of 1000t/h tested by the prototype.