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Service Center

Service Center

Remote Operation and Maintenance

With the rapid development of industrial manufacturing and Internet - related industries, the requirements for performance, precision, structure and personalization of products and equipment are becoming more and more sophisticated and diverse, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As a large-scale manufacturing enterprise of port machinery & equipment and bulk production equipment, the design accuracy and process requirements behind the product equipment are higher and higher, the information interaction flow inside the port machinery & equipment and mortar production lines and projects is more and more, and the requirements for manufacturing process and process control are higher and higher. In this case, the equipment control system must be transformed and upgraded from the original manual task-driven type to the information data-driven type, while improving the information processing capability and rapid response capability of the control system. Therefore, it is the only way to transform equipment technology, improve product quality, upgrade service quality and improve efficiency to carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading based on Internet of Things technology for various parts, control systems and communication structures of equipment.

Based on the above background requirements, the construction objectives of this project are as follows:

Strategic Objectives:

Complete the construction of information cloud platform based on internet of Things and industrial internet technology, and lay a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises with intelligent manufacturing as the core goal and the implementation of the 13th Five - Year Plan of enterprises.

Management Objective:

The Internet of Things technology is used to obtain data on equipment operation status, maintenance information, usage, personnel status, component parameters and other elements, and the Internet, cloud computing, big data analysis and other technologies are used to analyze data on quality, equipment and performance, so as to optimize equipment technology, improve equipment efficiency and improve service quality.

Technical Characteristics of the Project

With the goal of changing the service mode, the equipment will be intellectualized and digitized, and the internet of Things technology will be used for data collection, data monitoring, data analysis and other functions to upgrade the service mode. at the same time, all kinds of calculation and analysis will be carried out based on the experience accumulated by our enterprise for many years, providing more accurate and effective data reference for direct customers and the enterprise's own research and development team and better carrying out industrial optimization and technological transformation.

Key Points of the Project:

Technical equipment and technology adopted:computer server, large screen display system, network transmission equipment, big data analysis system, automatic bulk distribution equipment, PLC control system, database distribution management system, IC card and RFID identification management system, video acquisition and analysis equipment, automatic sensors and meters, weighing management equipment and VR technology.

Production process conditions:Network transmission equipment, PLC control system, IC card and IFRD identification management system, video acquisition and analysis equipment, and various automatic sensors and instruments are configured for the equipment of the newly-built ready-mixed mortar production line and cement production line to realize intelligent production monitoring management; By configuring the network transmission system, all kinds of effective data of the project production line are transmitted to the data center in real time and regularly. Through the data center, on the one hand, all kinds of equipment are regularly maintained, reminded and managed to realize remote fault diagnosis, remote modification and adjustment, remote download and upload, and remote fault repair guidance. On the other hand, through data analysis, it provides customers with all kinds of information and services necessary for production management, and the industry management agencies timely understand the basic data of industry development and provide correct basic analysis for industry decision - making. Production enterprises can dynamically monitor the operation status of the production line, improve production management level, save maintenance time, improve operation rate, reduce inventory, save labor force, reduce labor intensity, improve fault warning and judgment ability, thereby reducing production operation cost and improving production efficiency.

The production management after equipment upgrade, its information level will be greatly improved, the authenticity of data, reliability, update speed can also improve, all kinds of analysis data will be able to produce automatically, avoid a lot of statistics and manual tabulation workload and information distortion;The productive efficiency of the whole society can be effectively improved.The system will collect long-term real-time data from production enterprises in various regions, dynamically display the real-time status, obtain the dynamic comparison of various types of industries in the past and present, provide first-hand information for the development planning of the industry, and provide various guiding opinions with the help of cloud computing and big data analysis and processing technology.

With information data as the core and data collection - analysis - feedback - control as the means, the Internet of Things and Internet technology are applied to realize multi-data and application integration and deep integration of management and information.