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ATXL-C screw ship unloader is installed on the chassis of vehicle or semi-trailer and can be moved to different docks for unloading operation on the highway with strong maneuverability. It can be applied to various unloading occasions such as bulk carriers, warehouses, containers, storage yards, etc.  In order to facilitate remote movement, each section of the screw machine of the ship unloader can be folded.  The unloading operation site is unfolded.

The unloading of materials is transported in closed pipelines, with no dust pollution in the whole process, low noise and easy operation. Compared with negative pressure ship unloaders and grab ship unloaders, it has obvious advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.  It is suitable for unloading of powder bulk materials such as cement, GGBS, fly ash, chemical fertilizer, grain, etc.

Capacity: 150 ~ 500t/h (calculated according to cement bulk density)
Applicable ship type: 800~5000 DWT
Horizontal swivel angle of horizontal arm: ±135°
Pitch angle of horizontal arm: 30° for lifting up and 30° for probing down
Swing angle of vertical arm: 30° for inner swing and 40° for outer swing
Energy consumption: ≤0.8kwh/t
Noise: ≤ 80dB
Dust emission concentration: ≤ 10 mg/m³